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Dare enter a haunted house?

Two of my haunted house ghost stories are on flash kindle sale this weekend. PRIORY and MR STOKER & I are only 1.99… grab them quickly!

Best-Selling gothic thriller for fans of Laura Purcell, Stacey Halls and Susan Hill.

Reclusive British writer, Oliver Hardacre, confronts the horrors of his haunted childhood as he reluctantly revisits his ancestral home, Hardacre Priory. But there’s more than just memories and ghosts, an ancient evil awaits.

Best-Selling gothic ghost story inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. For fans Brontës, Shelley and ‘The Essex Serpent.’

Taking the most famous of all vampires, Dracula; putting a twist in its creator, Bram Stoker’s history. Casting doubt over where you thought it all started and taking you back to its origins.