Remember to Love Me

“A brilliant debut novel full of romance and heartbreak, that pulls tight on your heartstrings and ensnares you with magical prose and lyrical beauty.” – Faith Rivens, author of Eleonore Inionaofa Chronicles

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1900 – Annabelle yearns for motherhood; her sister Emily wedded bliss. But darkness falls in the shape of War, and melancholy festers, creating distance between the sisters.

1997 – As her 21st birthday approaches, April reluctantly moves to Suffolk to be closer to her ailing grandmother. In a visit to the attic one December afternoon, she encounters a ghostly apparition whispering secrets in the shadows.

Confronted with visions and dreams, April is thrown into turmoil, living moments in two eras, experiencing love and loss in both. Piecing together snippets of another life, giving peace back to the house and laying ghosts to rest, she unfolds the mystery of her family’s Supernatural legacy.

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