Mr Stoker and I

“Death finds us all, it is our finality. I had ached for death for so long, to rid me of the misery, torment—this plague. Yet, when it came, my end only signified a beginning. The creation of something new.” 

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My name is Miss Lucinda Meredith. Please, come sit with me a while, let me tell you my story.

It was the Summer of 1890. Theatre manager and writer, Mr Bram Stoker, arrived here in Whitby after an arduous theatre tour of Scotland. It was to be a welcome respite before his return to London. What he discovered was far more intriguing.

We met at dawn on the East Cliff, in the shadow of Whitby Abbey, on a bench overlooking the sea. So at ease in his company, I felt compelled to share the events that had haunted my existence.

And after all these years, I wonder, could our chance encounter have inspired what would become, Bram Stoker’s legacy?

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