Mr Stoker and I

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I am a fleeting memory.

A flicker in the corner of your eye.

I am one of the lost.

My name is Miss Lucy. Let me tell you my story. It is a tale of a father’s despair, one man’s ambition, in a place where morality and mortality waver.

It was the Summer of 1890 when theatre manager and writer Bram Stoker arrived in Whitby. After an arduous theatre tour, his stay was respite before returning to London. However, what he discovered enthralled and beguiled.

Mr Stoker and I met each dawn on the East Cliff in the shadow of Whitby Abbey. On a bench overlooking the sea, Bram soon became the confidant I had yearned for. So, in faith, I shared the events that tormented my youth and left me haunted.

And after that chance encounter, I will forever live within the pages of what became Bram Stoker’s masterpiece, for it was my story that inspired Dracula.

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