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Dracula Day Sale

26th May is the publication anniversary of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

To mark the occasion, MR STOKER AND I is on special offer for only 1.99 this week across ALL digital platforms

If this Victorian Gothic ghost story has been on your reading list or you would like to recommend it to a friend, this is a great time. Please spread the word.

Also available in Paperback, stunning new Hardcover, and haunting Audiobook.

MR STOKER & I, is a tale of a family curse, a father’s desperation, and a mysterious doctor. Follow writer Bram Stoker to the cliffs, in the shadow of Whitby Abbey, and listen to Miss Lucy’s haunting story.

Here’s the blurb…

My name is Miss Lucy. Let me tell you my story. It is a tale of a father’s despair, one man’s ambition, in a place where morality and mortality waver.

It was the Summer of 1890 when theatre manager and writer Bram Stoker arrived in Whitby. After an arduous theatre tour, his stay was respite before returning to London. However, what he discovered enthralled and beguiled.

Mr Stoker and I met each dawn on the East Cliff in the shadow of Whitby Abbey. On a bench overlooking the sea, Bram soon became the confidant I had yearned for. So, in faith, I shared the events that tormented my youth and left me haunted.

And after that chance encounter, I will forever live within the pages of what became Bram Stoker’s masterpiece, for it was my story that inspired Dracula.

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Fantasy Book Review

Mage Quest by Julia Blake.

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Mage Quest, volume two in the Erinsmore Chronicles, is the perfect sequel to Erinsmore.

It has been six long years since Ruby left Erinsmore, and now she is finally back in the magical land. But Ruby is not alone; someone followed her through the portal, young Finley Smith, nephew to Ruby’s friend Mick, and the only other person who knows of the magic. Once in Erinsmore, Ruby finds that twenty years have passed for her sister Cassie, and Ruby is aunt to twins who are now coming of age. Her niece is headstrong and wilful and one day be queen. But first, she must find her Mage.

Ruby and young Finley join the ‘mage quest’, but is Finley ready for such an adventure that has only existed in fairy tales? There are heroics, battles with dark magic and an evil foe out to conquer Erinsmore.

With a cast of diverse characters, old and new, and three fabulous dragons, they travel through this story, this epic adventure that, along the way, realise that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

Fantasy is not an auto-read for me, but once again, Julia Blake swept me into the pages of this extraordinary adventure. This series is a must if you love medieval-based fantasy, Arthurian legends, dragons, and of course, we must not forget about the pirates!

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Horror Book Review

THE SUM OF YOUR FLESH by the epic Beverley Lee.

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Here we follow Haven Ford, a man who arrives in a small insular village on a quest to help his friend’s brother. Rafferty Henderson is a boy persecuted for a fate laid by his ancestor. Meredith Evans is returning to her roots to unearth a childhood terror. Their lives entwine, twist, and drown in a chilling tale of secrets and bloodlines.

As ever, Beverley Lee has done it again. There is no doubt of my fandom, but this one was a surprise, even to me. Perhaps this was because I thought I knew what I would find within its page. But with each page turn, each new chapter grew a tale far darker, deeper, and more glorious than I had hoped. The characters are fleshy, complicated and authentic in a setting that feels its own personality, dark, ominous and full of hidden secrets, fear and persecution. I do not easily squirm, but I have to say there were moments of sheer terror here, so brilliantly done but utterly horrifying, with an ending that was both raw and emotional.

Beverley Lee is a master of quiet horror. It is not gratuitous but subtle and sublime. Her words slither under your skin, settle into your bones and inhabit your mind. She finds your inner nightmares and carves them into the story as if it is created just for you.

This will be a book reread; no doubt there will be those sublime lines of prose I missed the first time, and probably my favourite of the author’s standalone novels.

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Kindle Sale

KINDLE PROMO ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday for only £1.99/$1.99. So why not treat your mum or yourself?

It’s available from Amazon in eBook, Paperback, and stunning Hardcover, as well as a beautifully atmospheric Audiobook from Audible.

REMEMBER TO LOVE ME is a best-selling gothic romance of ghosts and reincarnation. A modern and Victorian timeslip love story of family secrets, loss, grief, and new beginnings, all set against a rural Suffolk and Norfolk landscape.

It has… Ghosts ~ Family Secrets ~ Loss & Greif ~ Romance ~ Victorian & Modern ~ Reincarnation

‘Captivating’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘Emotional and heartbreaking’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘A rich tapestry of emotions’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Book Review

ALICE AND THE DEVIL by Steve Griffin.

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ALICE AND THE DEVIL is the 3rd book in The Ghosts of Alice series.

Here we pick up a while after the second book, although we still feel the impact and turmoil Alice feels from past events. Just when life should be giving Alice a break, some peace and rest, a young boy comes knocking…

We are surrounded by windswept moorland, a remote house, and dark stormy nights. A young boy, his ailing grandad, a stranger and an odd group of people… And the Devil. Add a macabre slice of history, the occult and buckets full of heart-stopping, seat-gripping terror, and you have a winner.

I love that these books, THE GHOSTS OF ALICE series, have everything I love in brilliantly crafted ghost stories. And, although they are all standalone books, you can certainly just pick one up and not stagger bewilderingly around wondering what’s going on. However, that said, I urge you to read them all in order; your reading experience will be enriched for it.

Such a brilliant read! Steve Griffin does it again, not that I ever doubted it, but ALICE AND THE DEVIL had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Thoroughly recommended.

Full Review on Goodreads and Bookbub.