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Post & Found by Julia Blake
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Book Review – Lost & Found by Julia Blake 

5 STARS! – Wonderful! Edge-of-your-seat gripping, brilliantly written, a sublime heart-pounding read!

Lost & Found, is best devoured quickly, in a few sittings, to really benefit from its perfect, fast paced, action packed rhythm. With a healthy dose of romance to soften and give it true depth…what more could you want?

Arianna is a single mother, self-sufficient, single minded, self-guarded…but then she meets Luke, and her well-organised life is thrown into a whirlwind, and she begins to let down her walls. He’s handsome, tall, rugged, gorgeous, what woman wouldn’t be seduced by his gentle nature?

But Luke has a secret. A secret that most other women would welcome, but, for Arianna, it’s a secret of the worst kind, that due to her pig-headed belief, she will not forgive. So Luke is banished from her life after a swift affair. Then the unspeakable happens, the worse fear for any parent, but who can she turn to….

Julia Blake has an innate ability to create intricate relationships between believable characters, with a sense of true emotional integrity. I always love her gentle description, never too much, but just enough to allow the reader to create their own vision of locations and settings. Allowing, the reader to fall in love with each character, no matter what their flaws.

Being a thriller, Lost & Found is a slight shift in genre for Julia Blake, but as it still contains her signature romance and complex relationships it’s an obvious move and a welcome addition to her collection of books. I can’t wait to read what’s next.

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Daughters of the Oak

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