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Some of your will know that recently my incredible husband and myself branched out, starting our own little business, with a thought to helping fellow independent authors. Thus, Platform House was born. We made a conscious choice not to push like mad, but take it slowly and let business set its own pace. We have a small family; and I need time to write as well, after all! So, letting work come in via recommendations and important word of mouth, we’ve actually been really busy – amazingly so.

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A few weeks ago, we had a request to create a book trailer, something quite epic to fit the equally epic fantasy book in question. We jumped at the chance, well my husband did, as that’s what he loves! And after spending hours and hours perfecting, researching, studying, the result was wonderful. With a very happy client indeed, which is all we ever want after all.

Our aim on settling up Platform House was not one for major income and profits but to give back, lend a helping hand to fellow writers, seasons ones and those new to the industry of self-publishing. The first steps to becoming an Independent Author are the hardest, it can be like fumbling around in the dark trying to find the door, being difficult and a sometimes frustrating process, both writing and producing a book, along with the marketing side of independent publishing. This is where we like to come in, opening the door, shedding some light on your writing future.

So, back to this epic trailer – This week we have added BOOK TEASERS AND TRAILERS to our website. We like to cater for all needs and budgets, from a 30 second teaser perfect for a new release or pre-order to a fully bespoke epic cinematic trailer – and everything in between.

Darkened Light by Sarina Langer – Available worldwide from Amazon

Platform House

We are so pleased to announce the launch of Platform House, the home of Writer’s Services for fellow Independent Authors – both established and those new to the industry. Why not visit our website for a look at what we can do for you.

The Wright Team

Pull up a chair and join us for coffee . . .
We are Platform House. A family business, a partnership in the truest sense of the word. My name is Becky Wright, I am an independently published author. Along with my husband James, we cover all aspects of my production, publishing and promotion.

We know just how daunting it can feel trying to navigate this minefield that is ‘self-publishing’. Our aim is to support the Indie Author community that I am a grateful member of, with our Writer’s Services. Whether you are taking your first steps on the road to self-publishing and need that helping hand with our full service, or require digital and paperback formatting, bespoke cover design, or promotional book images. We can help.

When I started out on my writing career back in the last millennia, there were little opportunities for independent authors. It was the traditional route in finding an agent and in-turn a publisher (if you were one of the lucky ones), or a primitive eBook format, and the rather costly small press option; which brought along with it, dare I say, the stigma of ‘vanity publishing’ and the garage full of books scenario. Please don’t misunderstand, I have known very successful writers who started by such means, but not everyone had the funds to go down such a route.

Luckily, in recent years things have changed; the industry has stretched its boundaries bringing forth many opportunities, opening its arms to the ‘Indie Author’. Hurrah . . . we cry! And none more so than Amazon – worldwide coverage, sales and distribution of your work, your creation, your baby, and all at the touch of a button with Kindle digital download and paperback print on demand. 

But for many, the question is where to start? This is where we come in . . .
Please browse through our Writer’s Services and get in touch.

Speak soon,
Becky & James Wright