Character Interview… Miss Lucinda Meredith

It’s always fun to do something a little different. An author interview is always nice to do, but when your book characters grab a little limelight, that is where the fun begins… So when USA Today Bestselling Romance Author, Jenny Foster met my Miss Lucinda Meredith from Mr Stoker & I, here’s what happened.

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Q:  May I offer you something to drink?

No, thank you. I know longer feel thirst nor hunger. However, please, if you wish, you go ahead. I am just happy to sit in your company.

Q: I hope you had some time to recover from your last adventure in “Mr Stoker & I”. Tell me, what is your favorite relaxing pastime?

When I was very young there was nothing that warmed my heart as feeling the sun on my skin, the downy grass beneath my feet. My brother and I would run, chase through the Abbey ruins. My heart has never been so relaxed as it was way back then. Although now looking back I understand that may have been a foolish folly. Now, here, with the sun rising up out of the sea, the peace that washes over me, this is where I now find myself.

Q: Where did you grow up? Do you have fond memories of your childhood?

Blackthorn Manor. High up on the East Cliff of Whitby, against the vast never ending sky above Yorkshire. Jonathan is my fondest memory of my youth, my dear little brother. Of course, as we grew, once the naivety that surrounds childhood evaporated, so too did those reminiscences. Many years passed before I could think of my brother as that small, weak, child again; those later recollections of a new Jonathan still haunt me no matter how hard I try to forget.

Q: Whom or what do you really hate?

I have tried to hate, truly I have. A small niggling part of my mind telling myself that I should, that there are so many to blame for all that misery. But, alas, I no longer have it in me to think on it for too long. Perhaps blame and hatred lie at my feet, for my mind has recalled the sight of that night, the fear and terror on the faces of those I loved, and I wonder if I am the only one left to truly hate.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

What could I possibly fear now? There is no one left to fear, although I do, from time to time, when the moon is round and my senses are heightened, I wonder. I wonder if he is still lingering somewhere, perhaps waiting for me.

Q: What makes you smile?

The bloated moon, when silver light filters through a patchy sky to mottle the cliffs with a dappled blanket. And then the sunrise, as its glow chases away the cobwebs of my memories casting new light of a new day onto my skin. Those are the moments I think and reflect of my dear Bram, for the memory of that Summer of 1890 is the only true smile I wear.

Q: I´d love to hear about your future plans. Is there anything you can reveal?

My future is much like my past, it is written just as if I put pen to paper. I will remain here perched up on the East Cliff overlooking the sea, within the shadow of Whitby Abbey. It is where I belong, despite the call of the Carpathian Mountains that shoot pain to my soul, for although I want to return their call I know it is a false want. As my want for him.

Intrigued? Left wanting more? Wait, there is more…. Watch this space for another character interview tomorrow.

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