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News… News… News! ‘Author Thoughts’ is now LIVE

Author ThoughtsHello, one and all! *welcomes with open arms* Pull up a comfy chair, settle in your favourite spot. The coffee is hot, so let’s chat.

Over the past weeks, I’ve been putting some long-awaited plans in place for the new format for my writer’s Blog, with exciting new content… well, I’m pretty excited! It’s been a long time coming, due to big-world-adult-life-stuff with moving house, as well as an active-four-year-old, it had been put on hold. But, after making a few website tweaks, saying ‘What the hell!’ I’m throwing caution (and packing boxes) to the wind and shouting *grabs a megaphone* – it’s now a go-go-go!

So here, *sips coffee* let me unravel my thoughts to enlighten you on what’s to come. Scattered between my own ramblings (be prepared, there are some random ones), expressing my love for words and quotes, the ever-important book reviews, along with general writing inspirations, will be some guest chats, posts, interviews, as well as a few little extras… *rubs hands excitedly* the odd exclusive giveaway!

One thing I was adamant about, I didn’t want to throw out yet another writer’s blog with how-to content. There are many talented writers out there doing a supreme job, they really don’t need me adding to the pile. But what I did want to give you was something a little more diverse, a little more… well, me. And what I mean by diverse is that this is not only about writers but all creatives. Over the past few years, I have had a great pleasure getting to know and working with some fabulously talented artist from all different fields of creativity *bows down to greatness*

Whether your preferred choice of social media is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… our media families are full of incredibly talented independent artist, crafters and designers. Who with hearts in mouths, have taken that giant leap of faith, spread their wings and… JUMPED into the whirlpool of small businesses. With this in mind, in addition to the regular Blog, I’ve added a website page ‘Guest Spotlight’ each month with a different creative in the spotlight. Some you may know, maybe some new introductions for you to discover. My mission is to celebrate the creative mind. Showcasing these incredible talents, whether their medium is prose, paint or print.

Be sure to take a look at this month’s guest, Julia Blake, author of the new fantasy novel, Erinsmore.

So, there you have it, the madness has begun… *laughs maniacally* Please don’t forget you can follow my blog, just click the button, and subscribe to all general news.

Enjoy your coffee, see you again soon, Becky x

Becky Wright - Author Thoughts, grab a Coffee
Pull up a comfy chair, settle in your favourite spot. The coffee is hot, so let’s chat.

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