Remember To Love Me


Confrontations – an excerpt from Remember To Love Me

The monotonous view of field upon field dazed her eyes. With the soft motion of the train and warm sun that streamed through the window, it was easy to doze. In and out of consciousness, she drifted, dreaming.

Hidden beneath the leafy boughs of the vast tree, she could taste the cool lemonade on her tongue; hear the sweet morning song of the birds. His hand on her skin, tenderly it touched her cheek. Her eyes closed, she could sense the brightness of the sun through her eyelids. Her mouth open, her lips eager to speak his name.

     ‘Hush, my darling, we need no words.’

Her cheeks blushed; her skin tingled, as his tender fingers traced the line of her chin, her neck, and her breast. Her dainty hand moved up his back; through the cotton of his shirt, she could feel his shape, the clarity of each defined muscle. Over his shoulder, she reached his bare skin, his neck; warm, fragrant and soft. Her forefinger came to rest on his lower lip, his mouth open, the warmth of his rapid breath moist on her fingertip.

The closeness of his face cast a shadow over her eyelids, and she heard his heartbeat, its pounding rhythm, fast and in time with hers. Slowly and tentatively, she opened her eyes, his wondrous face, so close, his striking eyes penetrating hers through to her very soul. Gently, he slid himself closer, pressing his aroused body hard and heavy on hers. Just the fine layers of fabric between them, hindering them, preventing them. Every inch of her was over-laid by his strongly defined body, his blood pumping fast through his veins; pulsating with hers.

He laid his hands on her face, easing her tousled hair from her flushed cheeks, smoothing it away to see her features, glowing and radiant. His face lowered to hers, his moist lips touched hers. Warmth spread through their flesh, their breath mingled, becoming one.

With a bumping motion and a loud whistle, the train came to a stop. Emily blinked open her eyes, her cheeks flushed and her hands hot and clammy within her kid leather mourning gloves.

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