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Kindle Sale

KINDLE PROMO ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday for only £1.99/$1.99. So why not treat your mum or yourself?

It’s available from Amazon in eBook, Paperback, and stunning Hardcover, as well as a beautifully atmospheric Audiobook from Audible.

REMEMBER TO LOVE ME is a best-selling gothic romance of ghosts and reincarnation. A modern and Victorian timeslip love story of family secrets, loss, grief, and new beginnings, all set against a rural Suffolk and Norfolk landscape.

It has… Ghosts ~ Family Secrets ~ Loss & Greif ~ Romance ~ Victorian & Modern ~ Reincarnation

‘Captivating’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘Emotional and heartbreaking’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘A rich tapestry of emotions’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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It’s finally here…

PRIORY, The Ghosts of Hardacre book 1, is now available in Audiobook!

It has been a while in the making, but as they say, the best things are worth the wait. This is certainly one of them. Why not listen to the full audio sample on Audible and Amazon? The links are below!

It is atmospheric, chilling and utterly immersive, thanks to the incredible narration by brilliant actor and narrator Henry Douthwaite.

I have a limited number of Free Audible Audiobooks in exchange for a review and social media post. Please email me for details.

Click the links to listen to the full sample on Audible UK / Audible US

Also available in eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, or read with Kindle Unlimited.

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Shhh… I have a secret!

Something exciting is in the making…

My heart dwells in the dark shadows where I love to create ghost stories of haunted houses and tortured souls. None more so than my Dracula-inspired, Victorian Gothic ghost story Mr Stoker & I. A tale of Miss Lucinda Meredith, a mysterious young woman drawn to Whitby’s windswept cliffs. In the shadow of the ancient Whitby Abbey, she meets Bram Stoker. Could this chance encounter be the inspiration behind his masterpiece, Dracula?

This book will forever hold a special place in my dark heart, my love of Whitby and Dracula. So, I am thrilled to announce it is now in the creative process of being translated into Italian… and with a brand new cover!

Dark Abyss Edizioni, an Italian publishing house, are the first in Italy to specialise in pagan, spiritual, witchcraft, and paranormal fiction. Dark Abyss is a young publishing company with a wonderful team that welcomed me with open wings.

It’s fate… with my Italian ancestry, they are the perfect Italian home for my books… and their logo is a crow, which is definitely a sign.

Of course, you don’t need to wait; MR STOKER & I is available worldwide in English from Amazon in eBook, paperback and audiobook.

Oh, and please don’t forget to leave a book review on GoodreadsBookBub or wherever you purchase; they really are worth their weight in gold.

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Book Review

ALICE AND THE DEVIL by Steve Griffin.

Buy now in eBook and Paperback from AMAZON

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ALICE AND THE DEVIL is the 3rd book in The Ghosts of Alice series.

Here we pick up a while after the second book, although we still feel the impact and turmoil Alice feels from past events. Just when life should be giving Alice a break, some peace and rest, a young boy comes knocking…

We are surrounded by windswept moorland, a remote house, and dark stormy nights. A young boy, his ailing grandad, a stranger and an odd group of people… And the Devil. Add a macabre slice of history, the occult and buckets full of heart-stopping, seat-gripping terror, and you have a winner.

I love that these books, THE GHOSTS OF ALICE series, have everything I love in brilliantly crafted ghost stories. And, although they are all standalone books, you can certainly just pick one up and not stagger bewilderingly around wondering what’s going on. However, that said, I urge you to read them all in order; your reading experience will be enriched for it.

Such a brilliant read! Steve Griffin does it again, not that I ever doubted it, but ALICE AND THE DEVIL had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Thoroughly recommended.

Full Review on Goodreads and Bookbub.

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Dare enter a haunted house?

Two of my haunted house ghost stories are on flash kindle sale this weekend. PRIORY and MR STOKER & I are only 1.99… grab them quickly!

Best-Selling gothic thriller for fans of Laura Purcell, Stacey Halls and Susan Hill.

Reclusive British writer, Oliver Hardacre, confronts the horrors of his haunted childhood as he reluctantly revisits his ancestral home, Hardacre Priory. But there’s more than just memories and ghosts, an ancient evil awaits.

Best-Selling gothic ghost story inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. For fans Brontës, Shelley and ‘The Essex Serpent.’

Taking the most famous of all vampires, Dracula; putting a twist in its creator, Bram Stoker’s history. Casting doubt over where you thought it all started and taking you back to its origins.