The Manningtree Account

“It skilfully weaves truth and fiction together to create a paranormal tale of revenge from beyond the grave and evil deeds that refuse to stay buried.” – Julia Blake, author of The Book of Eve

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It was our first case in Manningtree.
A town with a black past, it bears a mark in history it would rather forget—a forerunner to Salem. Harking back to a time when life was cheap and superstition consumed the hearts of God-fearing folk.

We deal with the dead, the lost and disoriented. My name is Alex. I document, carry the heavy equipment—I’m the muscle. And Heather, well, she is the real deal. She has a direct line to the spirit world.

We have one rule: never work on Halloween. There are too many weirdoes about, not to mention the dead. I should have known better, but I felt compelled to take this account. ‘Just this once,’ I said. ‘Just this once Heth. How bad can it be?’

It was our first time in Manningtree… and it would be our last.

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